May Madness!!

For the month of May only! We’ve decided to make a pair of our Profoto D1 500 Air strobe heads an inclusion for  EVERY HIRE!!  (woo hoo!)

Here’s what you get for FREE! with every standard hire in May!

  • 2 x Profoto D1 500 Air Strobe Heads (Normally $260 on top of studio hire fee)
  • 2 x Lightstands
  • 2 x White Umbrellas
  • 1 x Air Remote (Canon, Sony) If you have a different brand camera we have pocket wizards available (universal triggers).

A few little conditions and extra bits to know

  • If you pay for your hire in May, and the date of your hire falls outside of May, we will still make the D1 500 Air Strobes available to you free of charge.
  • Our standard basic elinchrom kit have optical sensors, so you can still fire them off as well while using the profotos, and potentially use a 4 light setup. But please note that the basic Elinchrom lights are not as powerful as the profoto, and can not keep up with the same recycle time or rapid shooting over extended periods of time.
  • 2 x Standard White Profoto Umbrellas are included. Any other types of Profoto light modifiers are an additional hire cost.
  • We have 2 x Adapters to make it possible to use the standard  Elinchrom softboxes that are included in standard hire on the Profoto heads. To find out more information on what’s already included in our basic Elinchrom kit which is a standard inclusion for every hire, please click here.   

Book your photoshoot now while it’s still May to get your hands on these powerful and reliable strobe heads, so that you can shoot with confidence!

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