Sydney Studio Hire Equipment List

Sydney Studio Hire Equipment List

Our Studio has an extensive Studio Hire Equipment List in Sydney and we are  extensively equipped with the latest Professional Profoto Lighting equipment and light shapers and other accessories. All items of our equipment are available for hire inside the studio and is a perfect tool to enhance your creative endeavors.

We also offer Studio Technicians to support your creative endeavours if you are not quite familiar or comfortable with using Profoto Gear and light shaping tools.

Our latest list of equipment and price list can be found below. If you require specific equipment that is not listed in our equipment list, please let our friendly staff know in advance and we will endeavour to arrange for you prior to your booking date


Please note. All Prices listed excludes GST. 

Item Available Fee Each
Profoto B1 Air Strobes 500ws (wireless) includes 4 batteries 2 $75
Profoto B2 Air Strobes 250ws (wireless) includes 4 batteries 2 $55
Profoto D1 Strobes 500ws 2 $75
Profoto D2 Strobes 1,000ws 2 $150
Pocket Wizards/Cactus (Dumb Triggers) 6 $10
Profoto Triggers (Sony x1, Canon x4, Nikon x1) 5 $15
Light Shapers/Modifiers
Item Available Fee Each
Foam Core Boards Black + White (Large) 3 FREE
LightPro Scrim Jim kit Large 1.45×1.45m 1 $30
LightPro Scrim Jim kit Medium 1.1×1.1m 1 $30
Profoto Beauty Dish (Softlight Kit w/Diffusor and Grid 25˚) 1 $50
Profoto Octabox 4′ 1 $50
Profoto Softbox 1,3×1,3′ 1 $15
Profoto Softbox 1×3′ 1 $20
Profoto Softbox 2×3′ 1 $25
Profoto Softbox (stripbox) 1×6′ 2 $50
Profoto Softbox 4×6′ 1 $75
Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver XL 1 $50
Profoto Umbrella White Small 2 $15
Profoto Zoom Reflector 1 $25
Profoto Zoom Reflector and Grid Kit (5˚,10˚,20˚) 1 $45
iMac Tethering Computer Station + TetherTools Cable 1 $85
Profoto OCF Snoot 1 $20
Profoto OCF Gels (Corrective and Creative Colours) 1 $50
Profoto OCF Grid Set x2 Holders (with 3 grids, 10˚,20˚,30˚) 1 $35
Light Stands/Tripods
Item Available Fee Each
Century Stand (c-stand) Heavy Duty 2 $10
Computer Stand w/Manfrotto Tripod 1 $10
Manfrotto Light-Stand w/Boom (light weight)
(max 5kg)
1 $15
Muraro Heavy-Duty Standard Light-Stand w/wheels
(max 10kg)
2 $20
Muraro Heavy-Duty Large Light-Stand w/boom + w/wheels
(max 20kg)
1 $25
Muraro Heavy-Duty XLarge Light-Stand w/boom + w/wheels
(max 30kg)
1 $30
Profoto Light-Stand (standard light weight) 2 FREE
Tripod + Head + Dolly w/wheels 1 $10
Item Available Fee Each
55″ OLED 4K Tv for tethering 1 $250
Backdrop Paper Roll (FREE as portrait backdrop, otherwise $15 per meter if doing full body shots, requiring paper to be cut after your use) 1 $15/m
Light Meter (Sekonic Light Master Pro) 1 $10
Small Work Table w/wheels 1 FREE
Step Ladder 1 FREE
Tether Tools USB 3.0 Superspeed extension cable (5m) 1 FREE
Tethering Cables (USB3.0, USB2.0) 3 FREE
Clothes Steamer 1 $10
Item Available Fee Each
Studio Technician for onsite equipment support (1/2 day) Weekday 1 $250
Studio Technician for onsite equipment support (full day) Weekday 1 $450
Studio Technician for onsite equipment support (1/2 day) Weekend 1 $500
Studio Technician for onsite equipment support (full day) Weekend 1 $900
Studio Technician for onsite equipment support Evening 1 $900
Onsite Hair & Makeup 1 POA
Professional Photographer (per hour) 1 POA

Unsure what some of the items listed above are ? Check out our photo gallery of equipment to better understand what we have available for hire.

How to Hire?
  1. You have to first go to our Bookings  page and select the type of Studio Hire Session you want
  2. Choose a date, fill in your details and Submit the form.
  3. You’ll then be redirected to our Hire Centre where your previously chosen ‘Studio Hire Session’ will already be in your cart.
  4. You’ll then be able to choose whether to go straight to checkout, or you can add a range of our pro equipment to add to your hire.
  5. Our list of equipment and items to hire are available on the right hand side of the bookings.